HEALING POWER of CALLIGRAPHY YOGA – 18 day workshop Slovakia

Dear friends,

we would like to invite you to 18 day workshop HEALING POWER of CALLIGRAPHY YOGA 

22.4. – 30.4. and  2.5. – 10.5. 2017  (daily 8 – 17)

venue will be announced later

Master Zhen Hua Yang
Master Yang, trained by Buddhist (Shaolin) and Taoist (Wudang) masters, and in his 400 years old family system, exquisitely knowledgeable in the Qi energy & amp, martial arts world, tirelessly working on passing his know-how onto people to help them build their lives and bodies, using simple and easily understandable methods and techniques, comes to Slovakia to share his invaluable experience in 18 day course.

Calligraphy Health System
Calligraphy Health System includes Callighraphy yoga and Qigong. Based on 3-dimensional movement philosophy, they are purposely designed to set up and maintain the three main circulations in body: blood, mental / nervous and digestive circulation.

You will learn
The students will learn to connect to your true self, find harmony and happiness. Master Yang will guide you through the practical teachings of Callighraphy yoga including breathing techniques, 3 dimensional physical movements, energy circulation and meditation.

In this level you will also learn

  • Healing power of yoga and postures
  • Feeling and directing energy flow
  • Developing inner power
  • Blood, digestive and mental circulation
  • Life prolonging aspects of yoga practice
  • Callighraphy Qigong programme
  • Callighraphy Health senior programme
  • Callighraphy body shaping programme
  • Blood, digestive and mental circulation
  • Teaching Callighraphy Yoga with a focus on Qigong energy

Part 1 (22.4 – 30.4.)
In this part you will learn 3 dimensional movements and increase blood circulation, release tension in muscles, ligaments and joints, and create a moving meditation to quiet and calm your mind reducing anxiety and stress. One of the unique strengths of the Calligraphy Health System is a focus on better health and longevity by balancing hormones, improving organ function and maintaining organ balance.

Part 2 ( 2.5. – 10.5.)
This part builds upon the basic groundwork of the part one to deliver a Body Shaping Programme designed to increase flexibility and strengths by lengthening and strengthening muscles and tendons. This is suitable for those who want to maintain health and avoid injuries in everyday activities, build strength, flexibility and increase their effectiveness.

CONTACT: Martina Zaťková, zatkova@lighthouseclub.sk , +421 903 593 777

MORE INFORMATION: www.lighthouseclub.sk/sluzbyklubu/kaligrafickajogawww.calligraphyhealth.com.au

REGISTRATION: by email on zatkova@lighthouseclub.sk.

PRICE (special Eastern Europe price already reduced by 30%)

  • Each part (9days) = 966 EUR
  • Full session (18 days) = 1.666 EUR
  • One day = 140 EUR
  • Early bird price (paid before 20.0.2017) = 10% discount


Prepayment of 20% is required on bank account:
Bank address: Tatrabanka a.s., Hodžovo námestie 3, P.O.BOX 42, 850 05 Bratislava 55, Slovakia









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