RETREAT FOR CANCER PATIENTS 18 – 21 September 2018 Slovakia

Dear friends,
we are happy to invite you to Retreat for cancer patients with Master Zhen Hua Yang from China.

Date & place:  18 – 21 September 2018
ELFO CLUB, Družstevná 396, Malinovo, Slovakia



Master Zhen Hua Yang is the founder of Calligraphy Health System including Calligraphy Yoga. He has been doing martial arts and health practices since early childhood. Master Yang’s family has 400 years old martial arts tradition Yang Mian, that develops explosive, internal healing energy through natural movements.

By learning Chinese martial arts, Qi Gong, Confucianism (where the main point is respect for yourself and other people), Taoism (everything is smooth and connected), Buddhism (happiness) and Chinese philosophy, Master Yang spent more than 50 years. His knowledge is vast and deep; accumulated through his interactions with his teachers, as well as his through his own experiences and realizations. The Master works with a wide range of students from different areas and teaches practically useful methods how to work with your energy: to feel, control, receive, create and use it for self-healing.

Master Zhen Hua Yang has a simple theory of cancer:
Cancer comes to communicate with us we should change something in our mind.

During the four-day retreat, you will learn how to help your body recover from chemotherapy or how to strengthen oneself before it.

The Master will deal with the following four areas:

  • Increasing the amount of oxygen in your body
    Oxygen is a nutrition for your body’s cells. Oxygen improves blood circulation and separates blood cells from each other to be able to supply (energy) and nourish as many cells as possible.
  • Increasing the internal body temperature.
    Not from outside (like in sauna), but from inside by improved blood circulation. The energy flow is better in a warm surrounding, and cells are vibrating at a higher frequency. You will learn to achieve this temperature and distribute it throughout your body. Not by physical exercise, but by internal movements. 
  • Fear removal
    If you fight with cancer, your mind is full of fear. All your cells are full of negativity. You are mentally paralyzed. Where the fright is, there is no love. Love and fear can not exist in the same space. Give yourself love and fear will disappear.
  • Improving nutrition / absorption / excretion
    Increasing the efficiency of the human digestive system and balanced diet you will learn what to eat to strengthen the organs. Food can become a medicine. Master Yang will cook, and you will have the opportunity to taste the food and ask any questions about cooking.

Sounds unbelievably simple. People often search for complicated solutions because they do not believe in themselves. And think that it could be so simple, without any specific knowledge or education. 

If we study these four areas, our cardiovascular system will begin to connect with each of our cells and bring oxygen, warmth, the feeling of love there. And that is what cancer does not like. It will fall asleep. When time passes, the old body cells will die, new ones will be born. And if we keep the trust and practice correctly, then the new cells will no longer have cancer programs. 

What is the essential point? No matter which technique or method you will improve your oxygen content and inner energy or remove the fear. The most important is to have conviction in recovery, to supply your body and spirit with oxygen (energy), heat (circulation) and love (good vibration) every day. Trust is what the disease is about to teach you. But not the assurance in the external power that can help you, but trust in yourself, taking responsibility for your health in your own hands. The conviction that you can make a change inside, the difference that lasts. 

Q&A evening – September 20th
As a part of retreat you can join Q & A Evening with Master Yang. You can get answers to your questions reg. health. For this evening, you can even invite your friends or relatives, who for any reason could not take part of retreat.

Blood tests
For any participant who will be interested, we offer blood tests before and after retreat to understand the healing effect impact to blood quality – the most important factor in treatment.

Simrit Kaur concert (evening of September 18th )

As a part of the retreat, you will have a chance to attend Simrit Kaur concert of New Age music.

Simrit Kaur is vocalist and songwriter, born in Athens, Greece, adopted and raised in the American South.

Her energy and music have a way of deeply touching people, understanding them, and bringing them with her into the unapologetic realm of the soul.

Hailed world-wide for her haunting voice, music and undeniable and rare ability to transmit deep humanity and pure love through her sound, Simrit is known for her revolutionary innovation in hypnotic world and chant music that heals and evokes the innate power within all.

As listeners describe her music as otherworldly, Simrit is known for her profound relationship with melody and rhythm, and she continues to inspire an authentic and fresh experience through her albums and her live concerts. By simply existing within her natural relationship to music, she enchants the listener into a world of wonder and mystery. READ MORE

The positive impacts of music therapy are already scientifically approved. The very special healing sound vibrations passing through your ears can strengthen the kidneys and release all fears coming from the mind. The impact of a psychosomatic constituent in oncology is unquestionable. Working with sound helps patients to change their life view. You will get a personal experience.

In case of interest or any questions please contact Martina Zatková,, +421 0903 593 777   (11 am – 3 pm). Martina will be happy to provide more information.


Retreat venue: ELFO CLUB, Družstevná 396, Malinovo, Slovakia
tel. +421
2 45528028, mobile: +421 917 914 115, email:
Retreat date: 18 (7.30 am) – 21 (5 pm) September 2018

Price : 400 EUR

What is included?

  • lessons with Master Yang
  • mid-morning snack (boosting soup)
  •  mid-afternoon snack (fresh fruit)
  • drinks
  • interpreter service (to Slovak)
  • Calligraphy Health System® certified teacher´s from Lighthouse club assistance
  • ticket for Simrit Kaur concert
  • transport to/from concert from retreat venue
  • proper medical care during retreat
  • blood tests costs (before & after)

What is not included?

  • Accommodation

Can be booked either directly at the ELFO Club’s reception or via Lighthouse club. Prices:
Double room: 17, – EUR/person, additional bed 12 EUR/person
Sport room (with 5 beds or 7 beds): 12, – EUR/person
Additional bed in wellness: 10 EUR/person
Offer is valid just for limited time, therefore book your room early enough (arrival on September 17 is recommended). Contact for booking: tel. + 421 245528028, mobile: +421 917914115, email:

  • Meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner).

Prices: Breakfast 4, – EUR, Lunch 6, – EUR (soup and main course), Dessert 1.5, – EUR, Dinner 4, – EUR.
In the case of allergies, intolerances or special diet requirements, please inform hotel stuff by booking. Bringing own food & drinks is not allowed. Meal charges have to be paid until September 18, 10 am., latest.
All prices include VAT.

What to bring?
We recommend to bring your own mat, small pillow, comfortable clothes, warm socks and hoodie.

Preliminary daily program (will be confirmed 7 days before retreat):
Breakfast: 6.30 -7.00
Exercise Part 1: 7.30-9.30
Morning Break: 9.30-10.00
Exercise Part 2: 10.00-12.00
Lunch: 12.00- 13.00
Rest & Relax time: 13.00-14.00
Exercise Part 3: 14.00-15.00
Afternoon Break: 15.00 – 15.30
Exercise Part 4: 15.30 – 17.30
Dinner: 17.30 -18.30

Recommendations: No commuting, staying in hotel. Concentrate on yourself, minimize usage of mobiles or laptops. Stay in peace, do not waste time on unnecessary interviews and phone calls related to external world. Devote your time just to yourself and inner treatment.

To register to workshop please send email to You will receive proforma Invoice for prepayment in amount of 100 EUR. Your registration will be confirmed after payment has been received. Prepayment is non-refundable. Deadline for supplementary payment is August 18.

Bank details are as follows:
Bank account number:    SK6211000000002940009151, SWIFT: TATR SK BX
Bank address:  Tatrabanka a.s., Hodžovo námestie 3, P.O.BOX 42, 850 05 Bratislava 55.
Owner of the account: Martina Zatkova, Spartakovska 39, 91701 Trnava, Slovakia

Workshop language will be English, with consecutive interpreting to Slovak.
Event organizer: Ing. Martina Zaťková, Lighthouseclub, Paulínska 20, Trnava 91701, Slovakia

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